Motteo is an emerging pop artist releasing his first EP, I’m desperate for you, in summer 2019. Set to punchy synth textures with catchy pop melodies, Motteo writes about a deficit of intimacy. The ideas on this EP are articulations of the desperation and loneliness the artist witnesses in modern dating and social/online life.

In his debut EP  ‘I’m desperate for you’, Motteo writes about anxious longing for a former lover (Desperate), seeking validation through sex (Touch Me), feeling insecure in a crowded bar (Be Your Guy), and cynicism in NYC nightlife (Bushwick Boys).

Inquiries: contact@iammotteo.com

“Maybe you know this pattern as well as I do: to go out on countless dates and happy hours and house parties and coffees for months/years and to still go home feeling alone and unwanted. Eventually, you overcompensate for all that sh*t with dispirited promiscuity with someone you met online.  The modern dating cycle. Anyway, these songs are a sort of articulation of that loneliness and angst. I like to call it the modern deficit of intimacy.“